Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Geofencing to text messages (SMS) has arrived

Great news, you can now send your feeds directly to text messages on any mobile number in over 208 countries. With a premium account you get 50 txt messages a month to instantly keep your friends and family, or your colleagues (writers from wizessay.com have already tried this) updated with your movements in real-time.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, as always your feed back is very welcome.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

We're Live

Well it's been a crazy few days but I'm excited to announce that Footprint Feed is live!  Thanks for the support of those early adopters and for the feedback you've provided so far. Some great ideas coming through and we've even released some of them already.  Please keep them coming: our feedback link is here.

We're working on the "coming soon features" so keep an eye out for these very soon.

Your Footprint Feed Team.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Welcome – What’s Footprint Feed?

Welcome to our Footprint Feed blog. So what’s this all about then?
We’ve been very busy building a new location-based application www.footprintfeed.com  to help you share your footprints without lifting a finger.  In summary we’ve taken geofencing, made it social, made it available to everyone through Google Latitude and kept it free.  We’ll keep this blog updated with our activities and updates and give some clues as to what’s coming next.

Geofencing goes social
What is geofencing?  Geofencing is the concept of triggering messages automatically when someone’s location changes or they come within/beyond a certain point or area.  We’ve taken this simple concept and made it social by allowing users to update their social network feeds based on these triggers.  Currently with Footprint Feed you can send updates to your Facebook live feed, Twitter, RSS and Email addresses.  Coming soon we’ll be adding the option to update Google Buzz, LinkedIn and SMS txt messages to mobile phones.

Google Latitude
Google Latitude is a free service from Google that’s built into Google maps mobile and is available on nearly all mobile phones.  It allows you to share your location with others but still retain control with who, thanks to Latitude's privacy controls.  To use footprint feed, you need to use Google Latitude on your mobile device.  It’s important to note that a GPS enabled phone is not required for Footprint Feed to function.

How can I use Footprint Feed?
Since development began some 6 months ago, we’ve been coming up with hundreds of different potential uses for it, from a txt saying “Mum stop worrying I made it home okay” to seeing which stop your bus is at to on twitter.  We’ve tried hard to keep the ways to use it as open as possible and we’re really excited to hear how you are using it, so we can continue to evolve and iterate the application based on your feedback.

For many people, location-based services ring alarm bells with regards to privacy. This is why we’ve done our best to keep users informed about when they may be sending updates to the general public and offering complete control over who sees what.

Who is Footprint Labs?
We’re a small location-based services start up.  We’ve previously built Footprint History www.footprinthistory.com a popular application for sharing your location with Facebook friends using both Google Latitude and Fire Eagle.  We’ve built on our experiences of running Footprint History over the last couple of years and feel this has helped make Footprint Feed an awesome application for everyone.  If you’re interested in investing or working with us please contact rob@footprintfeed.com

When is it coming?
We are currently testing the application with a small group of users which is going very well and we plan to release to the general public very soon, current 'go live' planned by the end of August.  (Watch this blog)